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It’s easy to fall in love with Palestine. There are the holy shrines, the historical treasures, the beauti- ful landscapes, the rich culture, the delicious cuisine, and the legendary hospitality! Many tourism companies in Palestine offer programs to experience all this, but through Canaan Fair Trade, we will show you another side of Palestine, a truly unique & authentic experience to learn about the unbreakable bond Palestinian farmers have with their land and their thousands-of-years old olive trees. Learn about the purity of long historical traditions that have been proven over thousands of years to be sustainable, productive and healthy.

Learn about Fair Trade & organic farming in Palestine, and how the best quality of olive oil, almonds, and other delicacies from Palestine are produced. Tour Canaan’s state-of-the-art olive oil and food processing facilities, visit farming communities, meet farmers & women cooperatives, work on their land, and stay overnight with farming families & experience their simple life-style, delicious food, and amazing hospitality! 

See & download brochure with all information bellow here

What we offer

Tour Canaan, Home of the Olives

Palestine, the Land of Canaan, has witnessed the birth and the development of the olive oil culture throughout the years. At Canaan, you learn the history of organic farming, and see exhibit of the olive oil food culture from the beginning of time to the latest state-of-the-art technology in olive oil processing. the Canaan facility is a center for a whole range of artisan foods connecting the work of thousands of family farms and artisan producers. They come together to produce the best treasures of this land. Indulge in tasting the best olive oils on the face of this earth! [Tour time: 45 minutes - 1 hour]. More details here.


Experience Hospitality with our Families

Spend a day with a farm family and be part of their daily life, their hospitality is unforgettable! Meet the farmers, visit their lands, experience their simple lifestyle, see their ancient trees, enjoy their delicious food, learn about their simple life-style, culture, and traditions, and stay overnight in their warm homes. Welcome to village life! Meet the men, women, and the children, and hear their stories. Every farmer has a story to tell and they love sharing it with the world! [Contact us to book your home-stay].

Hike the Hills!

Spend a half-day hiking in the Jenin-area mountains, with spectacular views of the region and anthropological guide to the landscape! Discover the sociology of the land, and the intimate experience local inhabitants have with their land. Picnic lunch and discussion on top of the mountain (Jabal Al Aqra' – very beautiful!). Plant species identified with an overview of the area's geography and history. [Minimum: 5 people].

Experience Home-cooking

Enjoy learning how to cook and prepare traditional Palestinian dishes suitable for everyone with local traditional cooks. Each cooking class will be coordinated according to participants’ preferences, interests and needs. Activity time: around 3 hours. [Minimum: 5 people].

You can also arrange for your group to enjoy a traditional Palestinian meal prepared by the women cooperatives without the cooking class. [Minimum: 5 people].

The Canaan FEST

Under the sounds of beautiful Palestinian folkloric music, and under the shades of ancient olive trees, join our farmers, women cooperatives, international customers and visitors in celebrating the most important and the most joyful season in Palestine - the olive harvest! The Canaan Fest is a traditional end of harvest celebration giving gratitude for another year of abundance, and takes place on the first Friday of every November on the Canaan fest grounds in Burqin - Jenin.

Delicious traditional home-made food, fresh olive oil coming out of the press, dabkeh & other folkloric performances, fresh hot Taboon bread, hot mint tea made made on bonfires, Palestinian desserts, dancing, mingling and lots of fun till after dark! Experience the joy of the olive harvest with the farmers, sharing their intimacy with land and the trees they serve.

Write to or call +972 (0)4 2431991/2 for more info on the festival this year!


No matter which month you visit Palestine during the year, we have something for you! Every season has its plantings and its harvests; our farmers are busy all year! Whether you’d like to experience the olive harvest, or the almond harvest, whether you’d like to learn how to roll Maftoul, flame- roast Freekeh, or make Za’atar, whether you’d like to plant trees, or just enjoy the gorgeous spring, hikes, mountain lunches, and beautiful blossoms, we can arrange it!

We have farmers from Ramallah to Jenin. Stay in different villages with farm family hosts, and live the seasons with them. Experi- ence the culture, heritage, history, cuisine and the amazing hospitality of the Palestinian people. Welcome to village life! Choose your favourite time of the year to visit and email us about your plans:

Note for your consideration: The following dates are estimate times of the seasons, and it can vary from year to year depending on many factors. 







  • Za’atar harvesting by women cooperatives continues.
  • Mid-April: Sesame seeds planting starts.
  • Near end of April: Freekeh harvest starts! See & learn about the whole process of producing the hottest grain of the year, Freekeh!
  • Basil Planting for Canaan’s Basil Infused olive oils & pestos.
  • End of April: Olive blossoms.



  • Freekeh season continues. See & learn about how freekeh is produced [harvesting, flame-roasting, sundrying, cracking]


  • Harvesting ‘mature’ wheat for Maftoul.
  • Mid/End of June: Maftoul rolling by women cooperatives start. Experience rolling Maftoul with your farm family!
  • Basil Harvesting Season.
  • Sundried Tomato Season.



  • Almond harvest season starts! Spend a few days with almond farmers, and pick those delicious nuts with farming families. See & learn about the whole process of producing, finishing, and packing almonds by Canaan.
  • Women cooperatives are still busy rolling Maftoul. Experience your own Maftoul workshop!
  • Sundried tomato Season continues.
  • Basil Harvesting Season.
  • Wild caper Collection by our wild collectors for Canaan’s Tapenades. 


  • Beginning – mid August: Almond Harvest Season continues. Spend a few days with almond farmers, and pick those delicious nuts with farming families.
  • Za’atar picking & processing by women cooperatives.
  • Sesame harvest season starts.
  • Sundried tomato Season continues.
  • Basil Collection for Canaan’s pestos & basil infused olive oil




  • Green olives picking – for table green olives.
  • Sesame Harvest season continues.



  • The big season is here: The olive harvest! Stay for up to two weeks with farming families, pick olives, enjoy healthy picnic lunch in the fields under the olive trees, take olives to the press, watch & learn about the process of producing olive oil; welcome to village life! 



  • JARU’A is here! Share the joy and celebration of the harvest with Canaan team, farmers and international visitors at the Canaan headquarters in Burqin. Taste fresh olive oil straight from the press and enjoy the traditional harvest meal served in the olive orchards. Folk dancing, singing and bonfires till after dark. Join our annual olive harvest festival!
  • Beginning/Mid November: Olive Harvest Season continues. Pick those olives with our farmers, and stay for up to two weeks!
  • Wheat planting season.


  • Wheat planting season




Tell us you’re coming, and we will arrange your homestay or program! Fill out Application Formand send it to us at For more information on programs & prices, please call: +972 (0) 4 234-1991/2 or contact