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The Canaan Team


Nasser Abufarha
Founder, director

Anan A'mer
Production Manager

Ahmad Abufarha
Administrative Manager

Karmel Abufarha
Marketing Representative

Manal Abdallah
Media & Promotion
Lamis Zamzam
Executive Assistant

Fida Abdallah
Senior Accountant &
Customer Service

Sanaa Sbeihat

Mai Assaf
Administrative Assistant

Mahmoud Hamdan
Raw Materials Purchasing

Mohammad Salameh
Quality Control
Fadia Haddad
US Accountant

Diane Adkin
US Outreach Coordinator

Meryl Marsh
US Sales Coordinator

Jennifer Grosvenor
US Interfaith Coordinator

Ahmad Tahayneh
ICS, Field Inspector

Bilal Kmeil
ICS, Field Inspector

Khaled Murtada
ICS, Field Inspector

Majed Mer'i
Producer Relations

Mohannad Ghannam
Floor Manager

Alaa Maqdasawi

Saleh Soboh
Production Worker

Mohammad Soboh
Production Supervisor

Shadi Murtada
Production Worker

Mahmoud Ateeq
Production Worker

Ahmad Sadaqi
Production Worker

Othman Irsan
Maintenance & Production Worker
Mustafa Amoodi
Olive Oil Receiving
Mohammad Hassan
Production Worker

Mohammad Alsheeb
Production Worker

Tareq Abufarha
Inventory Supply Officer

Fadi Sahmoud
Production Worker

Mahmoud Tqewi
Production Worker

Waleed Murtada

Mohammad Shihab