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In 2007, the Canaan Scholarship Fund was started. We fund full scholarships for 4-year degrees in Palestinian universities to create future leaders.

Canaan Scholarships is part of an investment in leadership benefitting farmers communities.  The scholarship extends four years of tuition at local Palestinian universities to children of farmers.  Selection criteria gives attention to leadership potential, committment to community service, and level of education in the family, and family economic conditions. The Canaan Scholarship Fund prioritizes qualified students from marginalized rural and refugee communities whose parents did not attend college and disadvantaged students.  Scholarship recipients committ to volunteer in community service programs for the four summers during their college years.  Canaan integrates their work with an internship program where we bring internatinal students to work in tandem with Palestinian students to work on farmer projects, thus we create future leaders. Since 2007, 40 scholarships have been awarded.  In 2013, two scholarships will be awarded, to the top female and male applicants.



The Canaan Scholarship Award Committee is composed of representatives of Canaan Fair Trade, the Palestine Fair Trade Association, and faculty members from major Palestinian universities. Previous years' scholarship recipients are now studying subjects ranging from English Literature to Engineering, with the 2007 award recipients getting ready to graduate and enter careers in their chosen fields.

In 2011, ten full four year scholarships were awarded: 2011 Scholarship winners

The winners were announced in Al Quds newspaper on October 9 and will be presented at the 2011 Olive Harvest Festival in Burqin on November 4, 2011.   There were  7 women and 3 men awarded scholarships this year.

In 2010, ten full four year scholarships were awarded: 2010 Scholarship winners
There were 8 women and 2 men awarded scholarships this year.  Award recipients will spend the summer holidays as interns serving in PFTA development programs where they will gain first-hand experience in social and economic development.

In 2008, ten full four year scholarships were awarded: 2008 Scholarship winners
Hadeel Soboh, from the village of Berqin, spoke at the 2008 Olive Harvest Festival to the 2000 attendees.  On behalf of the 9 women and 1 man awarded scholarships this year, she thanked Canaan for giving Palestine back it’s life through education.  Hadeel is an engineering (architecture) student at An-Najah University.

In 2007, ten full four year scholarships were awarded: 2007 Scholarship winners
‘Abir Yassin
 the daughter of an olive farmer from our ‘Anin cooperative, spoke at our 2007 Olive Harvest Festival on behalf of all the scholarship recipients.  She is attending the Arab American University of Jenin and majoring in English Literature.  There were 6 women and 4 men awarded scholarships this year.


Fair trade encouraging intercultural communication 

The Center for Peace and Justice/Center for Global Studies at George Fox University in Oregon has announced the winners of their Fair Trade Essay Contest. The contest was open to students from GFU and university students affiliated with Canaan Fair Trade in Palestine. There were three winners, a $250 grand prize and two runner-ups at $50 each.  The winners were three Palestinian university students:

Essay winner: Haneen Sami Al_Ayasi (Arab American University)

Honorable mention: Arren Amer Abo-shhaddh (AN-Najah National University)

Honorable mention: Neveen Habaybeh (Al-najah University)


If you would like to contribute to this program, you can host one of our students to work as an intern in your business or organization for a summer, or extend additional support to increase the number of scholarship offerings. Contact