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All ingredients are sourced from small scale artisan farmers coming from traditional Palestinian cuisine, mastered to taste perfection.


Organic Nabali Olive Tapenade

Our unique tapenade captures the flavors of Palestine by blending organic Nabali green olives with organic caper berries, our own Organic & Fair Trade olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Tangy and fruity in flavor, complex in texture, our tapenade has the distinct flavour of our Nabali olives. Use as a spread or dip with crusty bread or crackers or toss with warm pasta. Instant gourmet taste when spread over grilled or baked fish or meat! Available in 180g tondo jars.

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Sun-Dried Tomato Caper Spread

Local tomato varieties like the Mandawi and Khalili are succulent with a unique, rich, robust, and subtly sour flavor. Tomatoes are carefully selected, washed, and sun-dried by women-owned cooperatives. They are then blended with wild capers and organic olive oil. Serve as a dip or spread on crusty bread or crackers. Toss with warm pasta, or spread on fish or meat and grill or bake for an easy and elegant meal. Available in 180g tondo jars.

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Olive Honey Spread

Our organic black and green olives from the Nabali olive tree are blended with honey from our women's cooperatives, and our organic olive oil to make this unique and delicious combination of sweet and salty. Full-bodied and sweet in flavour, rich and smooth in texture, this spread is great with soft cheeses and sweet wines, crackers or bread. Available in 200g tondo jars.

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Fig Sesame Spread

Local Palestinian figs are blended with crushed sesame and organic olive oil. The recipe is inspired by traditional Palestinian farmer snack of dried figs and crushed roasted sesame. This rich, nutty and sweet combination is perfect as a snack with wedges of hard apple. Spread on bread or crackers, or served as a dip. Available in 220g tondo jars.

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Red Pesto Sauce

Vegan, made with sun-dried Palestinian tomato varieties, olive oil, almonds and fresh basil. This sauce is fresh, tangy, buttery, with a hence of sour from the tomatoes. Serve as a dip, toss with pasta, or use as a supplement for pizza sauce! Available in 180g tondo jars.

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RAW Wild Flower Honey

From the wild growing flowers on the mountains surrounding the Sanour Plains and the Al Arqa Valley west of Jenin in Palestine, this honey is raw, unrefined, unprocessed, and pure. Our local bees do not produce in abundance but their honey is so full of flavor; it is known as Assal Muluki - Royal Honey - in Palestine. Our honey is part of a history of wholesome honey production in Palestine, the Land of Milk and Honey. Available in 230g tondo jars

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