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Canaan Fair Trade sells olive oil, almonds, and other delicacies supplying bulk as well as finished and packaged olive oil and a wide range of other specialty foods to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Canaan Fair Trade could not have accomplished all we have since 2004 without the support of like-minded companies and initiatives from around the world. The following companies and organizations have continuous business relationships with Canaan and represent long-term business partners.




Canaan branded items are featured at some of the most lucrative retail outlets around the world, servicing Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma and Natural Food Markets in the USA, Coop Denmark, iCoop South Korea, and more. Canaan’s partners for the Canaan branded products are:

Canaan Fair Trade, LLC, USA
Canaan-USA is a sister company of Canaan-Palestine. Staffed by group of dedicated professionals with extensive experience and committed to servicing Palestinian farmers, they sell to community organizations, food coops, and gourmet and specialty stores in the US. Canaan-USA has distribution warehouses in Bingen, Washington and Monroe, New Jersey, and sells Canaan products by the case from their retail online shop, wholesale to specialty stores and organic coops like Whole Foods, & MOM's Organic Market, and has an interfaith program for sales through community organizations. Canaan-USA also helps build Canaan’s community in the US, and sponsors tours to Palestine, olive tree planting through the Trees for Life program, tractor conversion through the Green Track Palestine program, and contributes directly to the Canaan Scholarship Fund sending Palestinian farmers' children to college.

DWP, GERMANY               
This German, 100% Fair Trade, Naturland Fair certified company, committed to social impact and to the environment (locally and abroad), finds a natural partnership in Canaan. DWP features the full range of Canaan’s products co-branded DWP and Canaan to a wide range of retail outlets, world shops & specialty stores across Germany.

Claro Fair Trade, SWITZERLAND 
Claro Fair Trade Ltd. is a Swiss trading company specialized in fair trade products such as food, near food, home & deco and fashion, founded in 1977. The partners are small producers, who produce high-quality goods in a sound and sustainable way that respects social circumstances and the environment. Claro is a distributor of Canaan products in the DWP/Canaan co-brand in the Swiss market.

Pakka AG is a Swiss based 100% fair trade company promoting food products from traditional origin and of excellent organic quality. Trade focus lies on nuts, kernels and cocoa. Pakka offers Canaan branded fair-trade and organic Rumi and Nabali olive oil, mostly in fairtrade shops across Switzerland.

Organic and Natural foods coop across South Korea is the first to offer national listing of the Canaan brand of Fair Trade olive oil in Southeast Asia starting in 2010. They import Canaan’s extra-virgin organic, & fair-trade certified Nabali olive oil.

Sackeus, SWEDEN
Sackeus is a well-established food wholesaler and are represented in all markets in Sweden where fair trade products are in demand. Committed to providing their customers a taste sensation, they select the best coffee beans, the best cocoa and the best olive oils, and that's what makes Canaan's olive oil fit perfect with their products' quality. They currently offer Canaan's Rumi & Nabali olive oils, olives, Green Olive Tapenade, Almonds, Couscous, Zaatar, infused olive oils, and soaps to specialty shops & fairtrade shops across the country.

Al-Masoud Trading, MALAYSIA
First started as a distributor of Premium Dates from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Masoud has now extended its product portfolio to include fine olive oils from Palestine, Egypt, Greece and Turkey as their mainstream product. Their enthusiasm in high quality olive oil along with the opportunity to support Palestine and Palestinian farmers has prompted them to import and distribute various products from Canaan Fair Trade! "Fair Trade" products sit high on their list as they would like to be known as an active "Fair Trade" advocacy. They currently sell the whole range of Canaan products across Malaysia. Check out their Canaan-Malaysia Facebook page

Wakachiai Project

This Japanese fair trade project sources the Canaan brand of fair trade olive oil for their fair trade community in Japan.

Fair Taste – HONG KONG
They currently offer Canaan’s Nabali & Rumi olive oils, Garlic, Chilli, Thyme and Pepper Infused olive oil, Olive Honey Spread, Sundried Tomato Caper Spread, and Green Olive Tapenade.


Canaan has been a leader in providing ethical and sustainable sourcing solutions to well established global brands seeking sustainable products and materials, for both the sustainable cosmetics industry and food ingredients. Canaan’s Ingredients partners fare:

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, USA
Olive Oil
Dr. Bronner's is Canaan’s largest buyer world-wide. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are the finest natural soap produced in America. Starting in 2006 they began sourcing fair trade and organic for allof their soaps.  Canaan supplies 95% of their olive oil needs.  Aside from sourcing significant amounts of olive oil from Palestinian fair trade farmers, Dr. Bronner's is invested in Canaan and the lives of Palestinian farmers beyond mere purchases. They provide significant advance payments during harvest. In 2006, Dr. Bronner's supported Canaan and PFTA’s initial organic training, provided technical consultations on certification, and they paid for external audit certification costs for the first 3 years. In 2009, they supported Canaan in a joint application for support from the Dutch Government to achieve ISO22000 certification and are fully involved in its implementation phases at Canaan with on-going technical support. They are an advocate for Canaan and Palestinian farmers in the marketplace and continue to extend enormous support to Canaan’s market outreach.

Perfect Potion, AUSTRALIA
Olive Oil & Almond Oil
Perfect Potion creates a sanctuary for the senses with their diverse range of products that are based on aromatherapy. They use certified organic essential oils and plant extracts to delight your senses and enhance your surroundings! From Canaan, their source organic olive oil and almond oil. Their range includes face, body, hair, and aromatherapy products, mother and baby, men’s products, and organic gifts!

Lush Cosmetics – UK
Almond Oil
Lush is a unique boutique style soap store selling a variety of handmade products, including soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and face masks. Selling in over 850 stores in 51 countries around the world, Lush buys Canaan’s FLO Fair-trade certified almond oil, to be used in their fair trade foot lotion and in their Skin’s Shangri. Canaan’s Almond Oil is certified fair-trade and sourced from our organized and certified farmers of the Palestine Fair Trade Association.


Through Intersnack,the second largest snack company in Europe and one of the biggest producers of quality snack productsCanaan’s almonds are sold in stores across the country in the Jack Klijn brand. Jack Klijn buys Canaan’s FLO Fair Trade certified Almonds.

Pakka AG is a Swiss based 100% fair trade company promoting food products from traditional origin and of excellent organic quality. Trade focus lies on nuts, kernels and cocoa.Pakka offers Canaan’s fair-trade and organic almonds at Swiss Airlines in first and business class.



Canaan is a reliable partner through whom other fair trade companies can source and reach lucrative markets and establish long-term relationships. These wonderful private labels are finished and produced by Canaan Fair Trade:

Zaytoun, UK
Zaytoun is dedicated to sourcing products from Palestine has partnered with Canaan since 2005.  Zaytoun depends on Canaan as their main Palestinian supplier supporting the wide networks of farmers and women cooperatives Canaan is servicing. Zaytoun offers 100% Palestine product to the UK market under their own brand.  Products sourced and filled by Canaan are offered through Traidcraft shops, Oxfam shops, Whole Foods Market, and a wide distribution of community based groups and stores. Zaytoun has a long-term commitment to Palestinian farmers and thus finds a natural partnership with Canaan.

Equal Exchange, UK

Equal Exchange is a worker co-operative based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They specialise in fine food and have been at the forefront of the alternative trade movement in the UK for over twenty five years. Passionate about great food and drink, the company is dedicated to the promotion of fair trade and organic production, ensuring a fair deal for small-holder farmers, and for the environment. Although the bulk of their business is via the independent natural food stores, they secured a listing in Sainsbury’s for Canaan's olive oil under their own brand. Currently they sell at 1000 of The Cooperative stores across the UK, Sainsbury Stores, Waitrose and Booths supermarkets, in addition to fine food and specialty stores throughout the UK.

Zatoun, CANADA

Zatoun in Canada was among our first partnerships with purchases from the year Canaan began in 2004. Zatoun has been sourcing olive oil, Za'atar, and soap from Canaan under their Zatoun brand since 2005. Zatoun brand sells in all Ten Thousand Villages stores in Canada, and with community organizations, and specialty across teh country. Zatoun has been committed to Palestinian farmers beyond purchasing their olive oil, with information campaigns, support for the Trees for Life project at PFTA, and other development projects in Palestine.

Higher Ground Coffee Co., US
Higher Ground Coffee of Traverse City, Michigan is member of the Coffee Roasters Cooperative, a union of 100% Fair Trade coffee roasters. Our joint commitment to fair trade and quality brought us together to offer the fair trade coffee roasters a high quality brand of olive oil under the Higher Ground label from Canaan, a 100% fair trade source in Palestine. All Higher Ground olive oil is bottled at Canaan in Palestine with 100% fair trade guarantee in the value chain and meticulous attention to quality.

Ökogreen, TAIWAN
Ökogreenis the only FLO fair trade certified company and the most recognized fair trade brand in Taiwan! Ökogreen travels the world to look for the best natural sources for foods to bring the best aroma and flavours to their consumers, and they promote ethical consumption and the sustainable cycle of economy, culture, society and ecology, and therefore make perfect partnership with Canaan. Currently Ökogreen carry Canaan’s organic FLO fair trade certified olive oil under their own brand.

Ohsawa, JAPAN
Ohsawa, the strongest organic food brand in Japan sources Canaan's organic, JAS certified olive oil, under their private label for the distribution, reaching over 2000 outlets across the country! 

Zaytoun SA was formed in 2012, initially as an individual’s attempt make a meaningful contribution to the people of Palestine by developing Fair Trade links between South Africa and Palestine. Its also a non-profit entity. Proceeds are re-invested into socio-economic projects targeted at the communities they deal with in Palestine. Zaytoun SA sells almost the whole range of Canaan products under their private label.

This Austrian company is an importer and processor of mainly quality organic fruits and vegetables. Exclusively, they sell Canaan's organic & EV Nabali olive oil.

Eine Welt – AUSTRIA
Social responsibility and the responsible use of the earth's resources are the pillars of their corporate philosophy. "Eine Welt: meaning "One World" is an Austrian company that continues to look beyond borders and act and work in the positive development of Fair Trade, that's what makes them great partners with Canaan. They currently sell and distribute Canaan's organic EV olive oil in both tins an bottles, as well as Zaatar and Maftoul under their own label.

Natureland – KUWAIT
Their mission is producing and sourcing tasty foods grown in true living soil not fed with chemicals, and produced with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients for the benefit of our customers who seek quality chemical free foods. Natureland food products are products that are totally natural from seed to mouth, and that's why they find Canaan's organic, extra-virgin olive oil a perfect fit for their product line.