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Our Farms & Farmers

Learn more about the 1,700 small farmers who produce the delicacies we sell.

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Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Empower marginalized Palestinian producer communities in the midst of conflict to sustain their livlihood and environment.

Our Vision

Achieve economic security and self-sufficiency for small farmers and workers caught in the midst of conflict in Palestine.

Our Values

Social Responsibility & Transformation

  • Model transparency and accountability in governance and practice
  • Foster equity and economic empowerment across producer communities
  • Sustain producer communities for global access to modern markets

Leadership, Partnerships & Social Innovation

  • Provide producer communities with education on all aspects of fair trade, organic production
  • Partner with socially responsible individuals and organizations to expand fair trade markets
  • Invest in Canaan family through incentive programs, profit sharing, and interest-free loans
  • Empower community through micro loans, university scholarships, and internship program

Environmental Sustainability

  • Utilize state of the art green production and processing methods
  • Ensure product quality and reliability with environmental sustainability
  • Retain the health of the soil for sustainable production
  • Maximize on-land resources for maximum yield
  • Minimize farmers' dependence on agrochemical industry
  • Demonstrate added value of traditional practices in modernity