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Our Farms & Farmers

Learn more about the 1,700 small farmers who produce the delicacies we sell.

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Palestine offers a great range of attractions for visitors

From historical sites, diverse landscape to organic agriculture.  If you plan to visit Palestine, stop by Canaan's showroom, and learn about organic agriculture in Palestine, fair trade, and explore the wide range of delicacies we offer.


People can organize for a guided tour of Canaan's facilities and see the whole olive and olive oil process. For larger groups, please call ahead.


You can arrange for your visit by calling from in country 04 243 1991/2.  If coming from the south, take Jenin taxis (7 passenger vans) from Ramallah and ask the driver to drop you at Canaan Fair Trade in Burqin. Allow an hour and a half.  If driving, call us for directions.  If you are coming from Nazareth, come to the Jalama checkpoint and cross.  Take a short 10 minute taxi ride to Canaan in Burqin.