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Thank you for your interest in Canaan Fair Trade.  You will find a family in Canaan and a long term partnership based on sustainability and social impact.

  • To source Canaan Fair Trade products under the Canaan brand or as your private label, please contact our home office in Jenin, Palestine at  If your interest is in developing projects for our producer community, or partner us in Palestine on the business or development side, please contact us also:

Canaan Fair Trade
Kufor Qud Road
Burqin, Jenin
West Bank
Tel +972 4 243 1991/ 2
Fax +972 4 243 1993


  • To contact Canaan Fair Trade - USA office email or:
    Canaan Fair Trade LLC
    P.P BOX #146
    Monroe, OR 97456

    617 308 0106

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