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Canaan Participates In Teachers Creativity Conference for the Education Sector in Palestine

March 17, 2012

Jenin, Palestine

As a leader and a model for the social responsibility of the private sector in Palestine, Canaan Fair Trade participated in a conference on “Empowering the Social Responsibility towards Education”, that aims to support creativity in teaching and addresses some of the challenges faced by the education sector.

Dr. Nasser Abu Farha, owner and director of Canaan Fair Trade, spoke yesterday about the social responsibility for private sectors towards education in Palestine. He explained that Canaan is a Social Entrepreneurship Project, conducting business with social goals. Beyond serving as a catalyst for social innovation, Canaan cultivates market forces towards developmental outcomes in the farming community, while investing in pioneering social initiatives.

Dr. Nasser explained that Canaan Scholarships is part of an investment in leadership, benefitting farmers’ communities. Canaan invests an average of $60 000/year to provide 10 full University Scholarships to the farmers’ children. Selection criteria gives attention to leadership potential, commitment to community service, and level of education in the family, and family economic conditions. Furthermore, Canaan opens its doors for internship/training chances.

In addition to scholarships, Canaan supports the local community in the form of “social premium” which is estimated to be $120 000 - $150 000/year funds that is invested in social projects by the farmers’ communities.  

Dr. Nasser asked the participants to a assert excellence and creativity, rather than be obsessed with problems. Performance, excellence and creativity are the basis of the Palestinian cultural identity, he concluded, and it is known that there are significant challenges to be faced in every sector. ”We draw our strength from our farmers” he says,”We may work in a field full of stones and thorns, but it’s also full of flowers and fruit.”